If you use the waterways to travel around, you will find yourself in another world. See the landscape and the town in a new and unique way – from the deck of a houseboat, with the wind in your sails, or paddling in a kayak.

Sportboote auf dem Friedrich-Franz-Kanal Water turns to road A 180 km long waterway runs through the region. From the Elbe estuary in the west to the Mecklenburg Lake District – and even as far as Berlin – the "Müritz-Elde Waterway" can be used by both motorboats and houseboats.
Kanutour auf der Warnow Discover rivers and lakes by canoe The Sternberger Lakeland is characterised by hills, forests, rivers and lakes. The River Warnow with its transverse valley in particular is a paradise – especially for kayakers, anglers, walkers and nature lovers! The transverse valley of the Warnow is up to 30 metres deep in places, which means it is almost like a "Mecklenburgian canyon".
Schweriner See Lake Schwerin This lake is still an insider tip for sailing, travelling by houseboat or raft, canoeing, surfing, fishing, swimming and diving. The big bonus is the city of Schwerin. You can tie up your boat or canoe opposite the fairy-tale castle and the old part of town.
Leuchtturm Plau am See Lake Plau - Gate to Mecklenburg Lake District Holidaymakers can swim, try all kinds of water sports, travel on a houseboat, go diving, go fishing and do a lot more. Something special: there are great offers for people with handicaps, even when it comes to water sports. The charming old town of Plau am See is an ideal base if you want to explore the Plauer Lake District from the water.
Biosphärenreservat Schaalsee UNESCO-Lake Schaalsee Biosphere Reserve This protected lake is like a rare jewel. Swimming, boating, sailing and fishing are strictly regulated in order to protect the natural paradise that developed along the old border between East and West Germany. Visit the lake, rest and relax there and enjoy being in harmony with nature.
Die MS Elise der Reederei Heckert auf der Elbe River Elbe Since 1997, the Elbe river landscape has been a UNESCO biosphere reserve that stretches across five federal states. The nature there is unique and the river influences the life, the landscape and people along the Elbe.

Tourist fishing licence

Cast the line into the water, soak up the sun and, at the end of the day, take home one or two fish that you have caught – the unique water paradise of the Schwerin Lakeland gives you the chance to do that. With the tourist fishing licence, you can do enjoy hobby in an unspoiled landscape and enjoy a first-class fishing experience. Relaxation and fun are guaranteed. The fishing licence costs €24 and is valid for 28 days. It is handed out only once very calendar year. So…go fishing and good luck! Information is available in all tourist information offices.

A thousand lakes

Those who try and count all the small and large lakes in the hilly and lakeoccupied countryside of Western Mecklenburg will soon be distracted by the beauty of the landscape. From above you would think a mirror had been dropped on earth - which now lies shattered between forests, hills, meadows and fields. Countless reflecting water landscapes.

Exellent water quality provides for healthy fun when enjoying a swim in the sea or in one of the countless lakes. Western Mecklenburg offers a variety of swimming locations. Don't forget your bathing trunks.