Castles and Manor Houses

Mecklenburg-Vorpommern has more than 2,000 castles and stately homes – most of them between Lake Müritz and the Baltic Sea coast.

The dukes and lords of the manor had a good taste and found this area an excellent place for ruling, managing the land, walking and hunting. And this is why they built their castles and manor houses, summer residences and hunting lodges with stylish and extensive parks in the most beautiful corners of our region.

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Palaces, castles and fortresses

 These days, you will find interesting museums with lots of important exhibits in all three castles.

Romantic views – mansions and stately homes in Mecklenburg-Schwerin

While the dukes celebrated in pomp and splendour in their large residences, the lords of the manor built charming estates in the countryside. Often found in the middle of bright green forests and on the shores of lakes, the many different buildings fascinate their visitors today. Whether they are impressive and look like castles or are simple and in half-timbered style, time seems to stand still here.

At the ends of the avenues

Even arriving at these places is a pleasure. Once you have roamed the gently undulating landscape of Mecklenburg, the picturesque avenues lead straight to the romantic squares in front of the manor houses and stately homes. Flowers, sculptures or even small water features delight visitors' eyes and hearts.

Second lives as cafés, museums, hotels

Pretty, elegant, wide staircases often lead to inside the stylishly designed houses, which have been extensively restored over the last few decades with great attention to detail. As cafés, hotels, spas or cultural meeting places, lots of mansions and stately homes now open their doors to visitors and are always magical places to visit.