Marktplatz Schwerin Löwendenkmal Sauelengebaeude mit Dom Schwerin The residential and government buildings that characterise the old part of the town are surrounded by water and gardens. Elegant palaces testify to a glorious era. Large parts of the town centre show how magnificent the grand dukes were.
Schloss Ludwigslust Ludwigslust The pretty Baroque town and former residence of the dukes is a work of art with its castle, park and old part of town. All roads lead to the town, which is centrally located in Mecklenburg. Ludwigslust is often called the "Versailles of northern Germany".
DSC_7708-02 UNESCO-Lake Schaalsee Biosphere Reserve Creativity, experiencing nature, and sustainable (rural) economies are all very important in the Lake Schaalsee Biosphere Reserve. Individualists, artists, independent travellers and nature-lovers are attracted to this region.
310x350_Elbe_Natur UNESCO- Elbe Riverside Biosphere Reserve "THE river" is what the name of the Elbe originally meant – that is how important the big river was for northern Germany. The river meadows are a paradise for animals and plants. You will find towns full of history along the river.
Towns History has left its mark on the towns and villages here. A visit to our towns will give you history, stories, architecture, art and culture, enjoyment – and a little bit of adventure.
310x175980x553_Steg_co_ M.Sohbiech-220_ Lakeland The Ice Age created hundreds of large and small lakes. Come here if you are looking for a cottage on a lake, want to be your own captain on a licence-free houseboat, or want to go fishing.
Schloss Kaarz Castles and stately homes The seat of the government, a museum, a hotel, a concert hall – find the castle of your dreams.