The well-developed network of cycle paths takes you to the places of interest in the towns and then quickly out into the countryside. There are tours for every taste and every level of ability.

mrh_rad_engl_ Long distance cycle paths Nothern Germany Several long-distance routes cross Mecklenburg-Schwerin. They sometimes run several hundred kilometres through the state, but you can, of course, also cycle them in stages. They and other great cycle paths can be found here >> download .pdf
ElberadwegNord Elbe Cycle Route The Elberadweg (Elbe Cycle Route) runs from the Czech border up to the North Sea across Germany through old towns, river valleys and fantastic countryside. The cycle path is the most popular long-distance cycling route in Germany – very well developed, mostly asphalted and mostly car-free. >> (en)
Die Burg Neustadt - Glewe Mecklenburg Lakes Cycle Route Cyclists can experience waterways all around them. The route is lined with magnificent castles, scenic villages and four nature reserves. The final stage takes you to the sunny island of Usedom with its splendid spa architecture. >> - mecklenburg-lakes-cycling-route (en)
Sonnenuntergang am Schaalsee Iron Curtain Trail - Eurovelo 13 This route follows the course of the Iron Curtain through 20 countries. In our area you will experience the former border fortifications and nature at River Elbe and Lake Schaalsee The 10,400 km long route can be followed using GPS navigation. >> (en)
Radfahrer sitzend Hamburg-Rügen From the Hanseatic city of Hamburg, the cycle path runs across Mecklenburg-Vorpommern. Cyclists can enjoy special places of beauty in the UNESCO Biosphere Reserve Schaalsee and in the state capital of Schwerin. >> - hamburg-ruegen-cycle-route (en)