Discovering & exploring

The western part of Mecklenburg - about halfway between Hamburg and Berlin - has a colourful range to offer.

Biosphärenreservat Schaalsee Protected Nature Nature-lovers appreciate the wonderful idyllic lakes, quiet forests and the great diversity of protected nature reserves. An we wish to do all to preserve its treasures for future generations.
310x350_Dobbertin Culture & Tradition Nature and Culture blend perfectly an thus makes Western Mecklenburg fascinating. Be it a classical concert with a park forming a splendid backdrop or a group dressed in traditional costumes performing dances on a medieval marketplace
Sportboote auf dem Friedrich-Franz-Kanal Waterways From Hamburg on the River Elbe into the River Elde near the fortress town of Dömitz, via Plau am See, Lake Müritz, the Havel lakes and all the way to Berlin – in our "blue paradise", you can sail from one big city to the other
310x350_HAUPTMOTIV_SK_09_Allee_Hofcafe_Glaisin_09_17 Cycling Quaint, diverse and beautiful – Mecklenburg-Schwerin lies at your feet. The well-developed network of cycle paths takes you to the places of interest in the towns – and you can get out in the countryside fast, too
Walking Find peace of mind in nature and feel the magic of centuries-old oaks and ancient stone tombs. Let your curiosity be your guide: maybe you'll find a green river bank, a quiet farming village or even an old castle?
310x175_Wiligrad Herbst 201623 Highlights The most beautiful tips in Mecklenburg-Schwerin. This is what you must see!
Freitreppe Schloss Wiligrad und Spaziergänger Castles and stately homes in Westmecklenburg Mecklenburg is full of thousands of large and small manor houses. We would like to show you 16 fantastic castles in the west of the region – from Schwerin to Bothmer House. You can visit them - and even stay in style in some of them!