Situated south of Schwerin, the Lewitz is a protected landscape with several nature reserves.

The Lewitz is the largest connecting meadow landscape in Germany. The region is very natural and untouched with a lively peasant, rural tradition. 800 hectares of fish ponds, wide grassland areas, rivers and canals, quiet lakes and idyllic avenues all give the landscape its unique diversity. The Waldlewitz area, in particular, is known for its biodiversity.

History of the landscape Lewitz

Formed by the Ice Age and shaped by human hands, the Lewitz region – with its unique mix of dry meadows, ponds and canals – is now a European bird sanctuary. It is also a paradise for cyclists, walkers, boaters and birdwatchers. Explore this region on your own or with an experienced nature guide. But the impressive natural landscape is not the only reason why you should visit the Lewitz. Typical Mecklenburgian villages, Neustadt-Glewe Castle, Friedrichsmoor Hunting Lodge and charming local museums such as the Pingelhof in Alt Damerow offer things that are both interesting and worth seeing.

Tip: Forest Adventure Trail Friedrichsmoor

Discover the area

Get to know the peaceful villages, meadows, forests and canals on the Lewitz Cycle Route that are left and right of the path.


All these event highlights mean that there is something for everyone. For example, the "Tüffelwochen" ("Potato Weeks") offer tasty treats, activities and events involving potatoes all through October.