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There is hardly any other region of Germany that has so many different kinds of protected landscapes.

Westmecklenburg has numerous protected landscapes. The UNESCO Biosphere Reserves are regions where man and nature should live sustainably in harmony. The nature parks protect special cultural landscapes.

There are many lookout points and towers, nature conservation stations and nature trails. Information centres offer guided tours with park rangers and bird and plant experts. This means that you can experience the biodiversity of animals and plants from up close.

Schaalsee UNESCO-Lake Schaalsee Biosphere Reserve Just 70 km east of the Hanseatic city of Hamburg, the biosphere reserve surrounds the deepest lake in northern Germany: Lake Schaalsee. For more than 40 years, the border between the two German states ran through the middle of the lake. In the meantime, a unique flora and fauna has developed here.
310x350_elbe UNESCO-Elbe Riverside Biosphere Reserve Since 1997, the Elbe river landscape has been a UNESCO biosphere reserve that stretches across five federal states. The nature there is unique and the river influences the life, the landscape and people along the Elbe.
310x350_sn_ente Schwerin's Lakeland Region Twelve large and small lakes sparkle around the city of Schwerin, with its unique fairy-tale castle. Signs of ancient times can be found everywhere, but nature is just as spectacular, because Lake Schwerin is an EU bird sanctuary.
Sternberg Luftbild Sternberger Lakeland Around and about the "state-approved resort" of Sternberg, guests will find plenty of ways to rest, relax and enjoy themselves. The best way to discover this region and its nature park is on foot or via kayak, canoe or boat on the many lakes that are linked by the Warnow and Mildenitz rivers.
Nossentiner/Schwinzer Heath Nature Park The area has 60 lakes. The Krakower Obersee Lake is the largest and is seen as a paradise for waterfowl. The not very densely populated area is home to many rare animals. Over 300 km of cycling and walking trails as well as 160 km of bridle paths offer a variety of holiday experiences – not only for stressed-out city people.
Die Fischteiche der Lewitz European Bird Reserve Lewitz The Lewitz is the largest connecting meadow landscape in Germany and runs from south of Schwerin almost to Ludwigslust. You can see sea eagles and osprey, kingfishers, egrets, cranes and grey geese here.

Get to know the nature here...

... is like getting to know yourself

Between the Baltic Sea and the River Elbe lies an area of land whose natural diversity gently awakens our senses, inspires our soul and gives us new strength. Here, far away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life, a relaxing time is waiting for you as soon as you step outside. A good quarter of the holiday region of Mecklenburg-Schwerin is protected because of its unique landscape and nature