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    About halfway between Hamburg and Berlin we invite you to depart from beaten tracks and discover treasures of nature, fairy-tale castles and places of magnificent beauty.



Eisvogel Natural Paradise Glittering waters of numerous lakes and rivers, sandy beaches, large forest areas, meadows, fields and heathland areas are typical of the region. A good quarter of Westmecklenburg is protected because of its unique landscape and nature.
Radfahrer sitzend Activities The landscape is diverse – and so are the possibilities to be active. Discover the unique countryside of the region by bike, on foot or on the water.
Die Burg Neustadt - Glewe Exploring towns Our towns are very old, but now shine in new glory. Sometimes the buildings are typical of the north: sober and are made from bricks and half-timbered. Sometimes they are magnificent buildings with stucco and gold. Go to the towns of the region here.
Schloss_CB (3) 310x350 Sights & attractions Special highlights in the region – from the "Versailles" and "Neuschwanstein" of northern Germany to world-class nature reserves via sanctuaries for bears and elephants.
Culture & traditions Culture can be experienced here – get to know the country and its people. Why not take some selfies in front of a magnificent Baroque castle or a medieval market square? Admire the masterly skills in the art and crafts – and culinary arts.
Seeblick auf Schloss Wiligrad Directions and location Get there quickly – this is the best way to get to the region. By ferry, car, train, bicycle or plane.
Am Kamin Ferienpark Retgendorf Hotels and hosts From hotels in castles to campsites via lakeside spas – the hosts here will give you a warm welcome.

Green and pleasant countryside that stretches between the River Elbe, the Baltic Sea beaches and the Mecklenburg Lake District. Unspoiled and diverse. Surprisingly close to the big cities of Hamburg and Berlin, nature is king here: sometimes, you can hear the leaves in the forests, sometimes the corn in the fields. And there is water everywhere – lakes, rivers and the sea. The landscape is full of magnificent castles and charming old towns.

This area is famous for its unique natural beauty. Gentle hills, hundreds of lakes and big glacial rocks show how powerful the Scandinavian glaciers that once created this idyllic area were. The people who lived and worked here have created a broad cultural landscape. Dukes, lords and ladies, and the church have all left their mark on the area with their avenues and streets, brick Gothic buildings, magnificent royal seats, mansions, forests and manor houses. Agriculture has had a large impact on the face of the region and while the lords, ladies and princes are no longer here, the rural and peasant traditions are still alive. Unspoiled and diverse.